Joy, Health, Personal Growth
And Lots of Music
Dr. Simcha Sheldon

You are invited to…

enjoy, Learn, Celebrate, Grow & share

the many personal benefits of

a joyous, inspirational, motivational, and transformative experience

Come participate in a holistic integration of 

Positive Psychology
Music Singing Karaoke
Spiritual Teachings

Each Event Is Specially Designed

To Meet the needs of the specific Group, organization or Company

Tell me more about the events ....

Each event is designed to provide participants a variety of experiences to promote personal learning, growth and transformation. Most events have a specific theme, such as the ones listed below. Events are individually created based upon the needs or desires of each unique audience.

For example, an organization or business may have a current need for their members or employees to develop in a specific area, such as team building, stress management, motivation, or communication.

Dr. Simcha meets with his clients before the event or together they work on line, to clarify specific needs and goals. He then creates a multi-modal interactive program consisting of specific psychological principles, and activities, such as guided imagery, and chooses specific songs which represent, teach, and reinforce these principles.

Programs are also offered for the general public based on a variety of current themes.

During each event, Dr. Simcha orchestrates and integrates these elements in a way that is fun, inspirational and a positive learning experience for the participants. He presents psychological ideas and suggestions, leads mindfulness meditations, while using music. Dr. Simcha may sing a song, as in a concert, or he may lead the group in a karaoke style experience. 

Participants leave the event with new understandings, new experiences, vision for the future, and feeling very good!

Event Themes

Stress Management

Reduce Stress, Relax, Increase Health


Increase Optimism

Self Confidence


Appreciate, Accept &

Love Yourself

Know your own value

Eliminate co-dependency

Healthy Relationships


Creating & Maintaining

Healthy & Satisfying



We Will Create Something Special for YOU

Musical Genre

Israeli, Oldies, Folk, Rock, Love Songs, Hassidic, Sing-a-long, Greatest Hits, CHOOSE YOUR OWN


Appreciating All the Good


Enjoy Deep Lasting Relationships

A Delicious Combo

Something Special for Everyone

Get to know The Facilitator

Dr. Simcha Sheldon

psychologist, educator, Consultant, Author, Motivational Speaker

musician, vocalist & entertainer

I am in practice as a psychotherapist for more than forty years. I am a licensed clinical psychologist, medical psychologist, hypnotherapist, and marriage, family and child therapist, as well as a licensed educator. I have lectured internationally, his articles have been published in several professional medical magazines, and is considered an expert in several areas of expertise. In addition, I am an accomplished composer, song writer, vocalist and entertainer.  I have written more than one hundred songs and have appeared both in concert, and as a lecturer internationally – on radio, television, major hotels, conferences, universities, and even Princess cruises. I am presently completing two books. One titled, “Strategic Transformational Therapy,” which is about my unique innovative approach to psychotherapy, and a second book regarding sexuality.


Special Programs

To Help You

Healthfully & Positively Cope

With The Current Situation


Healing & Strengthening

Musical Experiences

 Musical, Educational, Spiritual, Inspirational & Enjoyable

 For adults, youth, families, seniors and children from fourth grade and up (separate groups or together)

Join in a positive, relaxing, healing, informative, spiritual, musical and inspiring experience to:


  • Relax and reduce stress and fear
  • Create positive states of mind-body-emotion
  • Increase resilience, strength and optimism
  • Acquire understandings and practical tools for coping
  • Relate and communicate with family, friends and yourself lovingly & healthfully
  • Feel good with meditation, guided imagery, music and creative expression
  • Participate in singing and community building


Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive professional guidance

For additional information about the concerts and the music ...

Please contact me... WhatApp Me at - 054-568-6520